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MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 09


MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 07

Here’s the actual scene: I am in the middle of the streets, right in the heart of Johustleburg and not giving near a damn about possibly channelling @BeetleJuice vibes because stribes are trending all over my body –only in chambrè and smartfully designed alongside denim as we know it. The designs I speak of are fresh from the runway (quite literally off the ramp, into my car) by a friend and designer on-the-steady-rise, @Nickymadie. It’s a three-way situation this. I am hanging out with one heck of ravenous talent whose work is still hot on everyone’s lips and one my favourite photographic talents slash partner in creative missions; @_lecoq_ just before we see end of a Sunday throwing back a couple of Bisquit Cognac long drinks. I had to steal some time to record chats. Here goes it.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 05

MJ: Friend, “Bastard from Kleksdorp”? Let’s talk about it man…

Nicky Madie: My reality. I am not an entirely deep person but I am fully aware of my come-up. Though this collection is really about little measures we (as men) take when progressing from boy into manhood.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie 01

MJ: Yeah, but that’s deep though… what went into it.

Nicky Madie: *Battling rapturous laughter* you reckon? You don’t know the half… my design progress is strange to me too. I spend so much time on concept. Like, a lot, and design a line much-much later. This capsule range took about two week to physically produce, but it’s been living in my head for an intensely long time.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 04 (2)

MJ: What’s that like? Selfishly holding onto such greatness? The nerve of you!

Nicky Madie: *Here’s that never-ending laughter again, only now louder with gasps of roof-top air in-between* I am also incredibly shy about the happenings in my head. Trust, I get many of those “who the hell do I think I am” moments and then it has a way of bursting out of my system at the right time. When that happens, it’s a freak-show of all possible awesomes known to mankind. I want to claim it, but it really is a result of my head-in-research modes.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 04

MJ: Denim for this line though? If you had come to me beforehand, I would have talked out of it. I know-I-know, my denim loving ass can’t quite stand it on the runway. Yet what you did with it is something of magic.

Nicky Madie: Thanks Friend, it means a great deal. I too didn’t know what it would become when I found denim and fell in love. For SAFWAW17 no less. I just had to share my story and come to a point of understanding that it also has to meet the bottom-line, which is a relatable factor. I am yet to meet anyone without a denim story.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 02

MJ: Are you now a showcasing designer and now engulfed in the deceitful glory-flooded fluorescent lighting?

Nicky Madie: How do you know me though? I am very happy doing the work more than anything else. The bad lighting is always courting though and makes some sense from a business perspective. I have my feet firm in all of it. I am a designer who gets the job done and if I feel like it, will see the sun come up from the dance-floor.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie 03MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 06MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky MadieMJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 03MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie 04

There he is, in our life and time. This #MJANDSTUFFxBISQUIT session has fun, light and once again very necessary. May ingenuity not miss the direction of Nicky Madie at all times.

MJ AND STUFF x Bisquit x Nicky Madie. 08

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