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Espadril x MJ AND STUFF


MJ AND STUFF x Espadril

Here we are again! I still don’t wear sandals out in public – I do suppose the buoyancy in one’s toe game is yet to kick in. anyhow, yes, here we are and still so deep in lust with Espadril –even for winter, I say! Last year, I was all about the toe cap design but right now, in this darn cold, with my teeth in all possible trembles, I have found myself falling so deep in love with a wider range of designs from their newest collection.

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril Social 03

Could the shoe claimed as quintessentially fitting for summer be making an unceremonious stride into a seasonless territory?  Stuff Like this gets me going.

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril 02

South African Rizqah Isaacs and Spanish Patricia Terre started making these timeless Meditteranean shoes at their studio in Bree Street in the heart of the city, giving it an African twist.

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril 01

The concept and more importantly the practice of localising trends as observed on a global scale has a wily charming way of winning hearts and bringing the brand much closer to people… consumers or not. This is truly indicative of fashion smarts. The merge of centuries-old traditional methods and very clear prescriptions of a current demand is also truly genius.

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril Social 01

“In general, we play with different uppers and have, for example, several beautiful embroidered styles as well as ones with nautical stripes and others with interesting frayed details. We both love beautiful things and draw inspiration from a very instinctive place. We are very different, though, and both of us have strong personalities – this shows in our work,” says Terre.

Get me involved by way of inoculating my very own personal touch and I am all the way in.

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril Social 02

Clients who still cannot find the perfect pair are welcome to choose from the huge selection of fabrics and three sole options: a thin sole, the thicker, traditional sole and a double platform. Espadril’s team will then make it by hand and have your pair ready over a period of a few days.”

MJ AND STUFF x Espadril 03 MJ AND STUFF x Espadril 04 MJ AND STUFF x Espadril 05

Know of a more perfect shoe for now and forever? Didn’t think so.

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